Karcher, who was born in Saint Gervais ( France) in 1958, is a painter registered at the maison des artistes and at the SAIF.

When he was 30 years of age, he left the Alps and went to Uzès where he experienced a richly creative period in the company of some of the world's greatest jazz musicians. He also began to earn praise and international recognition.

It was at this point in time that he started to interweare musicians and instruments in his work. His painting began to take on a cubist form and he decided to devote himself to this discipline "in order to learn from the masters".

Once back in the montains, the Pyrenees this time, Karcher painted imaginary towns and jazz musicians where the saxophones mix with the buildings in cubic harmony.

The quest for mat and the fusion of colours lead him to initiate a new style, "jazz mist" where the synthesis of lines derives from cubism of which the expressionism symbolizes smoky cellars where jazz used to be played.

Personnal exhibitions

2006 - Ancienne Gare, Saint Girons, Ariège
2005 - Gallery Etienne De Causans, Paris
2004, 2005 - Gallery ARCAD, Annecy, Haute Savoie

. exhibition Le Mirador, Le Mont Pèlerin
. exhibition Villa Toscane, Montreux
- Temple of Arpaillargues, Gard

- Studio Jean Ricart, Pouzilhac, Gard
- 'Les marins d'eau douce', Ramonville, Haute garonne
- Café Muscade, Uzès, Gard
2001 - Temple of Arpaillargues, Gard

- Temple of Aigaliers, Gard
- Jazz club 'les cinq rues', Megève, Haute Savoie

- Space 'André Gide', Uzès, Gard
- Space 'Entre les tours', Uzès, Gard
1992 - Gallery Monarch, Florida, U.S.A.

Collective exhibitions

- Art gallery, Castelnaudary, Aude
- exhibition 'Art Pagaille', Castillon, Gard
1996, 2000 - Art gallery, Remoulins, Gard

- exhibition 'dans les jardins', Montaren, Gard
- Art gallery, Benfeld, Alsace
Honnor guest of the exhibition
from 1999 to 2003 - 'Rencontres littéraires', Uzès, Gard
1994, 1995 - Art gallery, Uzès, Gard
from 1990 to 1999 - 'Foire aux croûtes', Uzès, Gard

- Fête de la peinture, Mirepoix, Ariège
- exhibition 'Art du lieu', Saint Gervais, Haute Savoie

- exhibition Boulv'art, Uzès, Gard
First price of painting


1993 - Realization of decorations for the street musical festival, Uzès, Gard
1995, 1996 - Caricaturist for the newspaper 'le pont du Gard', Remoulins, Gard
1997 - Realization of decorations for the comic street festival, Uzès, Gard
2000 - Realization of a mural fresco, Montaren, Gard
2001 - Training course of painting to fresco framed by Solène Delahousse, Les Ateliers du Beaucet, Vaucluse